Founded and run by Julie A. Vito, The Whispering Wordsmith is a small editorial business providing a wide array of professional services, such as copyediting, proofreading, manuscript formatting, indexing (coming soon), research and fact-checking, WordPress website and blog development with social media integration, transcription, and captioning.  The Whispering Wordsmith is committed to helping authors and publishers produce a polished and professional final product. 

After over two decades of experience proofreading and editing in the exacting field of Medical Information Technology, while continuing life-long education with graduate studies in literature and writing at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Julie now freelances her lexicological passions.  She is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and holds an Editing Certificate from the University of Chicago’s Graham School of Graduate and Professional Studies, instructed by editors of The University of Chicago Press, publisher of the authoritative Chicago Manual Of Style since 1906.

Clients find her both thorough and efficient, even when working on a tight deadline, and she is comfortable working with a wide range of subjects and materials.

Please feel free to Contact the Wordsmith to learn more about services, to request a service not listed, or to discuss a project. Please note the WW is happy to provide a small sample edit free of charge.


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  1. Hi Julie: I like your introduction to your web-site. Was there some comment on the Wake Forest Baptist Church History? I’m not sure that I could bring up a message.


    1. Thank you, Mr. Smith. If I take your meaning, I do have Projects and Publications pages in development. Once completed, they’ll be published to my website. I’m looking forward adding the Wake Forest Baptist Church History project!


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